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“Goddamnit, Mary.”
He was on his lucky. “Great. Just great,” August spat, grabbing the last cigarette and throwing the empty pack on the ground among empty red Solo cups and an empty handle of vodka. He fished around in his pocket for a lighter as he walked in the dark, muttering to himself, drunk and irritated. “This bitch takes off in the middle of the party to God knows where and I’m out of cigarettes. Fuckin’ great.”
It must have been three or four A.M. by now. It was the end of the summer and it was dark and there was this eerie fog that clung low in the sky, casting a reddish orange haze beneath the streetlights. He had watched her shadow as she ran out the door, past the porch, into the fields, beyond whatever’s out there in a wild flash of energy, as if she’d never been so happy to be outside. Hell if he know where she went. Mary didn’t hang around him and the other guys often, and even August didn’t know h
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letter from the moon
I spent three years of my life staring into the sun.
do you know what kind of damage that does to someone?
friends would take turns convincing me
to look away
but when I did --
of light danced on the walls.
we built a home in them;
we played pretend, made shadows
of a life with our hands, lied
for days in the sun's mark.
we knew we could not live there.
the house soon grew
dark, silent, slowly. when nothing more could be seen,
I spilt the spirit from my own
split throat.
I thanked the sun for its gift:
:iconfervvent:fervvent 10 6
at the height of the full moon,
you drive out to the woods and walk
as far as your body will let you
without making a labyrinth of the greenery,
minotaurs of the honey bees they harbor there.
they warn they draw restless in the mornings,
which begin early here. warn also
of the stinging nettleberries among
the flowers, blooming violet with the moon.
find a clearing as the sun arches to the horizon line
and wait for dusk. draw your circle
in fire, thank the earth, the moon, the air, the water,
all of it surrounding. tend to the fire in the center;
learn patience. walk circles as you line the space
with mirrors looking into each other ad infinitum.
watch five fires turn into a thousand, smoke
crawling through the trees. learn boundaries,
blank walls, invisible barriers. down to skin,
you become part of the trees, of the night,
frogs mistaken for birds, wind in the limbs lifting
up. nearby, music, but not.
learn this is how the world sounds.
learn to breathe, to sleep.
there is a handprin
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Mature content
lemon, honey. no direct sunlight. :iconfervvent:fervvent 8 0
Mature content
Sunday Rituals :iconfervvent:fervvent 5 2
Mature content
[untitled] :iconfervvent:fervvent 5 0
nebbish :iconfervvent:fervvent 11 3
disclaimer - please do not take everything i write seriously. some of it is fiction, some of it is the truth, some of it is personal, and they are not always the same thing.


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